Services we offer:

We provide our services to various industries in greater Toronto area, and assist them by providing temporary and permanent help as per their requirement. We are serving industry for the past four years and can meet all challenges of demand. Our manpower is dedicated and works with commitment, and also we have hands on experience in developing and training cohesive and loyal staff.

We ensure punctuality and availability of our employees by providing them transportation facility for pick up and drop, where required. We brief our employees about the job description and factory / warehouse environment. Furthermore, our all applicants are tested on Math, Reading, Spelling and we also brief our workers about work place hazardous material information system (WHIMS).

H&H employment services provide:

Temporary jobs:

H&H Employment Services provide quality temporary, employees to our clients, with the ultimate objective of connecting top candidates with quality employers. We strive to develop long-term partnerships with our clients by offering customized service plans, aggressive recruitment strategies and experienced account managers and recruiters.

Our account managers and recruiters strive to thoroughly understand your staffing needs. We then develop and execute customized recruitment and service plans designed specifically to meet and exceed your unique hiring requirements and expectations.

Permanent Jobs/ Administrative positions:

As per the requirement/ need of our clients, we as a team make sure that we provide best selected employees to our client.

Proper selection procedure takes place; selected employee has to clear multi-testing stages. This helps in time-saving. We make sure that elected candidate must have prior work experience, positive attitude towards his/ her job, and will easily get adjusted with the working environment.

Contract jobs:

There are different types and size of businesses, in the market. Some companies are seasonal, cyclic and some are also based on project works. Some companies do not want to hire employees on permanent basis, to keep their cost low. Staffing agencies also help companies by provide employees, if there is any extra requirement.

All of these companies have their own different needs and requirement. H&H Employment Services, provide employees to these companies on contracts. The contracts are based on the requirement of the client. By obtaining detailed information on client’s requirements and using proper selection procedures, including reference checks and skills testing where appropriate, we ensure our candidates are qualified and suitable. Our fast, friendly and personalized service is cost effective and easy.

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