Employee safety and well being is of primary importance to our company and we are committed to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. It is our intent to comply with the fullest extent possible with the spirit and intent of Occupational Health & Safety Act.

For further and updated information please visit Occupational Health & Safety Act.

All employees must read and understand the following information prior to working with H&H Employment Services.

  1. All employees must maintain good personal hygiene.
  2. All employees must wear safety shoes. Shoes should be kept clean and free of any dirt and be in good condition.
  3. Where our clients require, no jewelry (which includes rings, hair clips, earrings, watches, necklaces, bracelets/broaches) can be worn in any areas of plant.
  4. Where our clients require, nail polish, false nails or false eyelashes are not to be worn.
  5. Where our clients require, all employees must wear hairnets and beard nets when necessary while in plant such that is completely covered and tucked under the hair net.
  6. Where our clients require, facemasks must be properly worn to cover the employee's nose and mouth.
  7. Hands and lower arms must be immediately washed after using the washroom facilities.
  8. No smoking, eating, drinking, or spitting is allowed in work areas. Eating, drinking and smoking are allowed only in the designated areas.
  9. No glass, ceramic and other such brittle items are to be brought into the plant areas. Personal effects are to be left in the lockers provided and not in the production room, if lockers are not available, then personal effects should be kept to a minimum and the client’s supervision will provide a place to keep these effects, ensure there are no valuables. Neither the client, nor H&H Employment Services is responsible for the loss or theft of any personal items.
  10. Cuts, scratches or open wounds must be dressed, reported immediately and covered with a waterproof covering. All injuries must be reported to the supervisor on site, as well as to H&H Employment Services immediately, in case of off hours, it must be reported to H&H Employment Services no later than the following day.
  11. Ontario law must be respected and obeyed at all times.
  12. The client's rules and regulations must be obeyed at all times.