We provide our services to various industries in greater Toronto area, and assist them by providing temporary and permanent help as per their requirement. We are serving industry for the past four years and can meet all challenges of demand. Our manpower is dedicated and works with commitment, and also we have hands on experience in developing and training cohesive and loyal staff.

Services to our client:

H&H Employment Services, provides.

  • Temporary employees to the companies
  • Permanent employees
  • Contract workers
  • General labour
  • Drivers at different levels
  • Skilled employees – forklift, welders, counter balance
  • Employees for office positions.

Steps which make sure before selecting candidate for our employer:


H&H Employment Services, take it as a responsibility to interview the selected candidates, before sending them for any job. Interview is conducted at different levels, basically depends on the type of position. We believe in face to face interviews, so that we can personally meet the candidate. This helps our employers in saving their time, which bring down their overall cost.

Testing and Screening:

We screen our employees very carefully and guarantee that each and every individual is qualified to work for your company according to your standard. We are completely capable of screening and hiring within a multi-cultural environment.

We cover statutory requirements, like Work Place Safety Insurance Board (WSIB), Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Employment Insurance (EI), Vacation Pay and T-4 Slips.

Reference Verification:

Before registering any candidate with us, we verify the previous records of the candidate. At least one criminal check record has to be provided by the candidate. The work histories provided by them are revised.

References are contacted, so that we can know the attitude and the performance of the employees on the last job. We can also do addition security checks if the employer requires.

Punctuality and Availability of our employees:

We ensure punctuality and availability of our employees by providing them transportation facility for pick up and drop, where required. We brief our employees about the job description and factory / warehouse environment.

Health and Safety training:

We make sure that, we provide proper health and safety training to our employees. This helps our employers in saving time and taking extra precautions, while employees are at work.

Proper video is shown to each and every employee, and a test is conducted. On the basis of that test the safety and health knowledge is judged of the employee. If the candidate fails the test, he is supposed to go for proper training session.

Job details:

We try to build a healthy relationship between the employee and employer, by providing all the necessary details to both the parties. We make sure that employer have all the essential details of the employee, and employee should also have proper knowledge of co. profile.

We also make sure that we are providing a right candidate to our employer. As every employer is unique, and have different need and requirements. We as a team, work altogether to match employers ‘requirements by providing them best and suitable candidate.

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