About Us...

H&H Employment Services has a dedicated team of committed professionals with immense experience in personnel management and employment resources. Being a productive appendage of the community we provide a platform to the skilled /unskilled employment seekers and give them opportunities to excel and prosper, while making use of their abilities and talent.

In Step with You:

We work, hand in hand with our clients. We make the difference by providing most suitable employee for the job, while giving utmost consideration to quality, punctuality and cost factors. In the past, H&H Employment Services has built a reputation with the clients as a most reliable associate organization, which has stood to the challenges of ever changing production demands.


H&H Employment Services has made it easy for people to find interesting / flexible employment opportunities and for companies to recruit staff with the skills and experience they need, giving due consideration to cost and timing.


Our expertise is available to employers throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We handle wide range of projects, with varying degree of skill, i.e. secretarial, office administration, technical, production, assembly, driving and logistics.

H&H Employment Services Sphere of Influence:

We know the demography of the local area. By obtaining detailed information on your requirements and using proper selection procedures, including reference checks and skills testing where appropriate, we ensure supply of suitable staff for your needs. Our fast, friendly and personalized service is cost effective and easy.

Permanent Staffing:

H&H Employment Services can offer you services for selection of permanent staff on reasonably reasonable economical terms. Our professional consultants personally interview candidates or we can arrange private interviewing facilities for you on request. For the purpose advertising can be done on your behalf and we also offer a confidential pre-selection service, saving you considerable time and expense.

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